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In well over 50 years of Amateur Radio, I have built antennas, receivers, transmitters, transceivers, transverters and test equipment. Here is my FIRST effort at a DSP radio. Peter Rhodes, G3XJP, designed and built the STAR, (Software Transmitter And Receiver), and I was fortunate to be invited to construct a Beta radio. A few innovations on my part, but that's what homebrew is for. To make it YOUR way.

Up and running these days, and quite a radio. I had difficulties with my LO, and friend John, (G6AK) helped out with a complete new DDS board layout. I built that, and after seeing a picture of his radio, shamelessly copied his front panel. (Well, tried to, not as pretty as his, but functional). 160-10 meters, bells and whistles galore. Intercept and dynamic range both better than my Signal One, and better than most radios you can buy today. This one is a definite keeper. Anyone with transparent shielding material, please contact me. The insides of this thing are much too impressive NOT to be able to see them!


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The STAR Transceiver